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Gaohui Power Technology CO.,Ltd was founded in 2004,located in the Pearl River Delta-Panyu District, Guangzhou City that an geographical position is advantaged and economically developed place
Since  built,the company always has Pay attention to cultivating own brand and Core Technology ,concentrate our attention on design and manufacture in the field of rectifiers power-supply devices and high frequency power supply which the special purpose for surface treatment,excellent product performance at the leading level in the country. Our company’s rectifiers are Widely used in Multiple domains : PCB plating、Metal plating、Continuous electroplating、Hard chrome plating、rear earth metallurgy、oxidation、cataphoresis、 electrolysis、water treatment and so on.
In recent years,our company intensify to research and development in the field of power energy-saving、automation、Intelligent,strive to produce products that are more in line with market demand,dedicated to providing high quality products to users,Make a greater contribution to the green environment.
The founder has 21 years of industry experience,has deep attainments in product development, design, production and manufacture.Adhering to the concept of "honesty and win for all",professional and rigorous scientific management,precise technical support,perfect after-sales service,get good reviews from users,we serve more than 2000 enterprises,customer base all over the world. Company strict implementation of ISO9001: 2015 quality Management system,and pass the CE security certification.Realize the network, computer management system, formed a standardized, efficient modern management system.
Five advantages :
1、Gaohui—The leaders in the field of intelligent power
*  Cuprum  link bit normal temperature,Pure copper nanometer transformer;
*  48 hours continuous full load use,Service life of up to 10 years
2、Provide OEM、 ODM customization
*Professional product design team
*Advanced manufacturing technique

3、Modern remote control
*Can interconnect with computer or PLC,remote operation
*Process parameter storage function,the process parameters can be recorded by CD-ROM or on site print

4、Safe functional protection
*It has many auto - protection functions such as soft start , short circuit , overvoltage , phase loss , overcurrent , overheating , etc .
*Effective troubleshooting,the system automatic recovery function,and there is a sound and color alarm system

5、Rich industry experience,serve more than 2000 enterprises,customer base all over the world;
*Good faith, high efficiency, high quality, win-win development concept
*Perfect after-sales service system
*365*7*24 hour continuous service,solve user problems in a timely manner

Scientific cooling method
*Water-cooled switching power supply can take away the heat in an instant,closed design,strong corrosion resistance
*Air-cooled switching power supply can speed up the flow of air in the equipment, reduce the temperature at work

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