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Quality control requirements of injection molded parts for electroplating

Plating equipment manufacturers injection molding surface quality and inspection requirements

1. Raw materials must be fully dried according to the requirements of the process, and there should be no water, otherwise there will be craze on the surface after injection.

The injection temperature, pressure, time and so on conforms to the requirements of the process parameter card. The injection speed should be strictly controlled. The fast injection speed will lead to the poor adhesion between the coating and the substrate (the injection speed of the electroplating parts is controlled between 15%-35%).

(3) during the injection process, the release agent can not be used, especially the silicone release agent, otherwise the adhesion of the coating will be affected.

4. After stopping the machine, the material should be cleared to avoid the brittleness of the injection product in the screw due to the long residence time degradation.

The surface of injection molded parts must not be polished or polished, so as not to affect the adhesion between the coating and the substrate.

During the injection process, the operator must bring cotton clean gloves to avoid the surface contamination of the products after injection molding.

Internal stress control: the product does not allow the existence of greater internal stress, the injection molding should be carried out after the internal stress test (using ice acetic acid immersion method) [to soak the parts in the concentrated glacial acetic acid for 1-2 minutes, wash out with water, and then observe whether the surface is white)

Size control: length, assembly foot or assembly hole conform to drawings and gauge requirements.

Surface quality inspection requirements

The surface should be smooth and smooth, without missing material, clip material, deformation, dehiscence, discoloration layer, surface free point, shrinking, flow mark, silver pattern, oil spot, scratching, melting wiring is less than the limit sample. It is necessary to take a clean cotton glove with a test.

Appearance quality requirements

The appearance quality is consistent with the seal. The end part avoids the sharp corner, the flick edge and the cutting material; the edge is smooth, no gap, the coiling; the assembly foot has no deformation, lack of material, fracture, and the defects of the flying edge and the notch of the assembly hole. [clean cotton gloves must be taken while trimming is taken to avoid dirty parts.

Packaging requirements

The packaging meets the standard requirements and avoids scratching on the surface.

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